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Gridpath - A 2D A* pathfinding solution for Unity3D


Recently, I’ve been working on a 2D isometric sprite game in my spare time. During my experimentation, I found that a lot of the existing pathfinding solutions were for 3D games or didn’t quite meet my use case or were just overly complicated. In my game, I needed to be...

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Easy Amazon S3 Web Hosting Guide


I’m going to show how I host this very site for < $0.50 USD a month using AWS. Specifically I will walk through how to host a static website on AWS utilizing S3 and Route 53. Foreword There are many sites that offer automagical non-technical hosting for your website. At...

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Simple Open Source Political Map Generator


So recently i’ve been reading some really interesting articles on map generation that inspired me to make the generator that created the map seen above. You can find that generator here The source can be found on my github for those that are interested. One article I read was this...

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